Recipes from a Rocket Scientist’s Kitchen


Up Front Matters


what this book is about
my discovery of food
why this book?
about the recipes

usage guide and notes

printing a recipe
dietetic guidelines
the art of substitution
how to cook bacon
preferred ingredients
southwestern, new mexico, and santa fe styles
New Mexico Cash Crops
about chile and chili
preparing chiles
new orleans Style
Caveat on Cooking Dried Beans

tausworthe winter holiday Celebration

the posole tradition
first, there was posole mio
then, the holy molé frijole posole tradition
the ho! ho! rojo frijole posole variation
the caldillo posole variation
guisado de chile en colores de la navidad
then came zydegumbo
The San Antonio Connection
The Gap Years ✠


thanksgiving dinner, 1988
dinner, november 2, 1996
dinner, October 19, 1997 ‡
christmas dinner, 2000
thanksgiving dinner, 2001
thanksgiving dinner, 2002
christmas eve, 2008
christmas eve, 2010
TWHC zydegumbo, 2011
Camilla’s Birthday, 2011 ‡
TWHC, January 7, 2012 ‡
TWHC, January 5, 2013 ♯
TWHC, January 11, 2014 §
TWHC, January 10, 2015 ¶
Thanksgiving Dinner, 2019 ♭


Albert's Rabbit Sausage ♭
christmas jack rabbit, wild turkey, and Ground Hog Sausage
breakfast sausage
Andouille with LOVE and Cheese ‡
broccoli benedict
family breakfast quiche
Breakfast Cupcakes ☆
Andouille Hushpuppy Omelet ♯
Mom’s Breakfast Pie ♯
eggs golden rodomontade
Green, Eggs, and Spam ‡
Hammond Eggs ‡
Mo Hotta Frittata ‡
Cho-Ritz-O ‡
huevos chorizo quiche
One Waffle ♭
Shakshouka ♭
Scrappolenta ‡
breakfast vrapple
Scrampled Eggs ¶
Glamorgan Sausage ✠
Maple Nut Pancakes ✠
Ham-Spam Pancakes §
sugar free maple syrup
sugar free simple syrup


brown sándwich caliente
Crujito Señor ✠
crab toast kay tobin
chasing chasen’s chile
New Mexico conejo
shiitake brie quiche
eggsaña ‡
Sauerkraut Sausage Bake ♯
vegan weenies
spinach pie
Poblano Relleno Spring Roll ‡
Tlayuda Oaxaca ☆
Shrimp portabella Poblano ‡
Chicken Finocchio ‡

Appetizers and Snacks

kat’s cauliflower popcorn
Homos Bi Tahina ☆
cajun who moos
Edamame Almond Hummorous Spread ♯
Tort Ham Ranch Pinwheels ¶
cheese, bacon, and spinach dip
famous chile con queso dip
chile con queso y refritos dip ♯
with pride cow kind of cheese
Jack-Avocado Quesadillas
Flat Bread Pizza Triangles ⁑
harrington’s jalapeño poppers
Stuffed Mushrooms ♭
New Mexico Conejo dip
dill buttery oyster crackers
Maudie Redfield’s Cheese Circles ☆
Almond Asiago Crackers ¶
California Mix ¶
chicken liver pâté canapés
gravlax anti bela
Salmon and Provolone Quesadillas ☆
red eyes of argus
seven layer avocado bean dip
serbian ajvar
smokey bare oyster
shrimp boats
Shrimp Rocket Fellow ‡


Homemade Consommé ¶
bean <turtle> soup
cheese tortilla soup
New Mexico cheese and squash soup
nacho squash soup
Ginger Beef Noodle Soup ¶
New Year’s Eve Shrimp Soup ☆
Hamburger Soup ☆
Cheeseburger Soup ☆
Green Chile Cheeseburger Soup
Chicken-Vegetable Stoup ¶
cold vegetable garden soup
Boo-Yah-Bays ☆
Cacciucco ☆
Seafood Cataplana ♭
purée mongole
Cauliflower Potatage ‡
Root Vegetable Soup ♯
rainbow bean soup
Vegan Veggie-Bean Soup
hello dahli
The Borscht of Baba Yaga ‡
polish cabbage soup
Garbure Rouge ‡
elmer dills’s clam chowder
Salmon Cream Soup ♯

salads and dressings

camilla’s taus mahal salad
the original caesar salad
skinny cardini dressing
Balsamic Vinaigrette ♭
First Lieutenant (Louie) Salad ✠
Bleu-Green Giant Dressing §
peanut butter Italian ginger salad dressing
Creamy Italian Dressing ♭
Italian Salad Dressing, FF-SF-SF ✠
fat-free sesame vinaigrette
layered vegetable salad
romaine, apple, and red onion salad
taco salad
Lemon Lamb Avocado Greek Salad ☆
Thai cobb salad
japanese chopped salad


Beef Wellington, Well Done! not Well Done ♯
Tournedos Père Nöel ☆
beef Refinancière
beef strong enough
beef stronger enough
ground stroganoff
Bulgogi ✠
Beef Hole-Bone ☆
beef BNLS and beans
BNLS and roots
The Walther Tujunga Tri-Tip Roast ‡
twenty clove brisket
Bruns-Witch Stew ☆
bigos (polish hunter stew)
bud light beef shanks
Salvaged Beef and Vegetable Stew ♭
A Wilmarth Meat Loaf ♭
don lecher meatloaf
Kjøttkaker ☆
San Antonio chili, plus
Jigg's Dinner ✠
sweetbreads Refinancière
veal pistew
pot o’fooey
banana squash stew
beans & greens
Black-Eyed Peas and Greens
joppin’ juan
Pumpkin Shepherd Pie ♯
Lamb Stew Elegante §
Lamb Shanks burgundy
wham! bam! lamb, ma’am!
blue lamb loaf
lamb in a manger
Lamb Lim Lim ☆
New Mexico flat lamb loaf
New Mexico lamb burgoo
Lamb Vindaloo Kipling ‡
a passel of pasulj
Chicken Cacciato-Nails
Chicken Asiago §
chicken garfunkel
Chicken-Chorizo Stew
Chicken-Ham Russian
Chicken-Ham Florentine
Almond Chicken Stir Fry ☆
Italian Sausage Frattaglie Stew ☆
Chicken, Bratwurst, and Vegetable Stew ♭
Chicken Scarpariello ♭
Fricase de Pollo ♭
Chicken Fric-a-Frac ‡
Chicken Mushroom Casserole ☆
Chicken Divine ‡
Kah-Pow! Chicken §
toz fry chik
kat’s tandoori style chicken
Chicken Curry with Cauliflower ☆
Chicken Charred, Chard, and Bleu ‡
tuscan pollo e salsicia
Chicken Chile Cabbage Stew ‡
Chicken Chile Beetgreen Stew ‡
Casey Hen-Shin Shank
chicken paprika, gosh!
woostered rooster
coronel Rústico
chicken puttanesca ⁑
Chicken Provençale ♯
Chicken Shiitake on a Shingle ♯
Chicken Shawarma Style ⁑
Filipino Chicken Adobo ♯
Doro Wat ☆
Lemon-Rosemary-Garlic Roasted Turkey
Roast turkey with rosemary, lemon, and garlic
Barbecued turkey with herbs and aromatic vegetables
Turkey Goblin Pie ¶
turkey rotkohl ragout
Turkey Ham Ratatouille Stew ♭
neo-classic crab bake
Crab Imperial Highway
crab ham russian
o sole granchio
Swiss krab casserole
Fish Au Gratin ✠
anthony’s easter bunny
braised rabbit with olives
pasilla later, <alligator>
posole mio
Wholly holy molé frijole posole
ho! ho! rojo frijole posole
Guisado Verde y Rojo de Chile en Colores de la Navidad
la posta caldillo
Green Chile Cheese Veggieburger Posole ¶
Green Chile Cheeseburger Posole ¶
party gras gumbolé
Hambergumbo ⁑
Cheese Burgumbo ☆
Ham Mornay Florentine ☆
pork chops molé verde ‡
Pork Pasta-Olé Verde ‡
Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops ✠
jurassic pork
Braised Pork and Greens §
Pork Hocks ♭
pork chop, cabbage, and apple sauté
Moo Shu Pork §
Pork Bob-BQ ¶
Pork and Broccoli Stir Fry §
Fish Curry ♯
Clam and Fish Stew §
tuscan fish stew ragout
Cockles Saint Jack ⁑
Spice Crusted Scallops ♯
Blue Bayou Stuffed Flounder ♯
sole cabbage roll
salmon rush pie
Calamari Stew ♯
Shrimp Napa Noodles ‡
Shrimp Celerity ♯
Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Vegetable Stir-Fry ☆
Shrimp Prima Donna ♯
Shrimp Meunière ¶
Shrimp Trinity ⁑
Shrimp and Glitz ⁑
Lobster al Diablo
lobster bordiavolo
lobster je t’adore
lobster newberg
lobster thermidor
lobster puff pie
lobster farewell
Lobster Valentine ♯
Lobster à la Mimic-Américaine ⁑
Christmas Eve Lobster-Shrimp Stew ♭
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms ♯
Gomba Paprikas ♭
Grilled Chile Rellenos ♯
New Mexico Green Chile Turnip Casserole
New Mexico Red Chile Turnip Casserole
New Mexico calabacitas
New Mexico calabacitas con carne
Santa Fe calabacitas
Vegetarian Calabacitas ‡
Vegetable Neatloaf ♯
Basic Seitan ♯
Taco Pasta ♯
Geek Pastitsio ‡
Chile Verde con Salchicha ♯
Spicy Sausage and Swiss Chard Pasta ♯
Paella ‡
pisto parmigiana
polish sausage spirale
okra winfrey
Lasaña Santa Fe
Southwestern Cornbread Casserole

Side Dishes and Relishes

Anise-Pear-Cranberry Relish
Cranberry-Serrano Relish
Cranberry-Orange-Anise-Cinnamon Relish
apricot, wild rice, and bread dressing
Sausage, Apple, and Dried Cranberry Dressing ⁑
blue cornbread, sausage, and walnut stuffing
Yam Sausage Cornbread Stuffing ♭
Broccoflower-Bleu Souffle
broccoli loaf
Zoodles ✠
Broccoli-Carrot-Swiss Casserole ‡
Kale (see Greens) ⁑
carlsbad greens
cauliflower gratiné
Cauliflower Rice I ✠
Cauliflower Rice II ⁑
Walmart Cauliflower Fritters ✠
creamed cauliflower
Healthy Cauliflower and Vegetable Casserole ♭
turnipotato au gratin
Apple-Turnip Surprise ♯
Turnips Anna ⁑
Palak Paneer ♭
Zweibelkuchen ♭
Campos Green Chile Casserole ⁑
Chile Relleno Casserole ⁑
Best Brussels Sprouts ‡
Basic TVP Pilaf §
Farmer-Brown Mac & Cheese
Egg Foo Elderly ⁑
Eggs Foo Casserole ⁑
Classic Green Bean Casserole ✠
green bean casserole
green bean, red pepper & piñon casserole
Lemon-Rosemary Roasted Onions and Garlic
no salt pickles
Kames Chi ☆
okayed okra
Rutabaga Hash With Onions and Bacon ♯
oven roasted potatoes
southwestern rice, pinto beans, and corn casserole
potatoes sorta rösti
Thai Pickled Chiles
wild rice & sausage dressing
Liz’s Sweet Potato Casserole ⁑
baked yams, apples, and bacon
zydeco extra vert
harry covert and caramelized onion
Tossed Rata ‡
Libbity Beans and Ham ♭
Stringham Beans ‡


refrigerator cheesecake
baked cheesecake
Apple-Cherry Vanilla Cheesecake Pudding ⁑
cranberry parfait
Cranberry Vanilla Pudding ⁑
lower g. i. pecan pie
figgy pudding
Chipotle Cherry Cobbler ♯
Green Chile Apple Pie ⁑
oreo® chocolate mousse pie
almost Libby’s pumpkin pie
raspberry parfait
gush de nöel
tart tatain’t
Bananas Fostoria
Chocolate-Pecan Fudge ♯
bread pudding with whiskey sauce a la brennan
Lemon Lushious ⁑
Sugar Free Brownies ♯
Nonfat Sugar-Free Vanilla Yogurt ♯
Vanilla Ice Cream ⁑

Sauces, Gravies, and Seasonings

Basic Lean White Sauce ♯
Velouté Sauce ⁑
Creamy White Sauce ♯
Holland-X Sauce
Quick Mock Hollandaise ♭
Sauce Béarnaise ☆
Bare-knees Sauce ♯
bastard brennan’s Béarnaise
Sauce Béchamel ‡
alfred sauce
Classic Mornay Sauce ☆
That’s a Mornay!
Burro Blanco Sauce ✠
Burbank Beurre Blanc Sauce §
espagnolish sauce
nearly rich brown sauce
My Dear Sauce ☆
Madeira, my dear, sauce
perigeaux sauce
Refinancière Sauce
Merchant Divine Sauce ‡
Madiera Divine Sauce §
Molé-Madeira Sauce
giblet gravy
Madeira Giblet Gravy
Chuck Steak Marinade §
Pizza (or Marinara) Sauce ⁑
Tomato Catch Up ✠
Bolognese Marinara Sauce ✠
Enojado Diablo Salsa
Pizza-Olé! Sauce
put on a ski sauce
sauce robert
sauce robert c.
Bob-BQ Sauce ¶
Bob’s B. S. (Barbecue Sauce) ☆
Sauce A+Olé!
Mimic-Americaine Sauce ⁑
cajun remoulade
Creole Sauce Meunière §
Fat-Free, Low-Carb Tartar Sauce ¶
Nuked Cheesauce ‡
Garlic Sesame Sauce ✠
Bleu Cheese Sauce ‡
Escapade Sauce
Holy Molé Poblano Sauce Mix
cilantro sauce ‡
Chermoula Sauce ✠
pesto ginovese
Hemp Seed Pesto ✠
Green Jimmy Jerry Sauce ✠
Pico de Gallo ☆
Checca Sauce ♭
Taubasco Sauce ♯
Sweet-n-Spicy Taubasco Sauce §
Habanero Hot Sauce ‡
golly-ente caliente salsa
Bob’s Insanity Habanereo Sauce ♭
Sri-Hot-Cha Sauce ⁑
flavor shaker, or Rib Rub Roberto
Adobo Seasoning ♭
Chicken Marinade ♭
Cajun Seasoning ☆
Berbere Spice Mix ☆
Low Sodium Fajita Mix ✠
New Bay Seasoning ✠
the seasoning to be jolly
stupendery sausage seasoning
Wigley Sprinkle and Dry Rub ‡

breads and the like

Bisquick Garlic Bread ♯
garlic cheese toast
Apple Squash Muffins §
Banana Nut Bread ✠
Brocolli and Onion Muffins ♯
cauliflower pizza crust
cauliflower flat bread
Lower G. I. Flour Mix
gluten pizza crust
gluten flat bread
soy pizza crust
soy flat bread
cheese crackers
Low Carbohydrate Bread §
mom’s rolls


Raspberry Lemonade ♯
Cranberry-Pomegranate Tonic ♯
champagne punch
margaritaville mix
Premixed Margaritaville Cocktail §
Katrina cocktail
Pile Driver Cocktail ‡
Homemade Kahlúa Liqueur ☆
Mellow Limoncello ⁑
Rasputini Cocktail ‡

A Glossary of Saucery

some good books