dinner, november 2, 1996

I can’t remember the particular occasion of this feast, given the first Saturday in November, 1996, only two days after Halloween. My notes do not give that reason or guest list. But from the menu that was recorded, it must have been some celebration.

first course
  • Gravlax on rye with lime sour cream, chives, chopped egg, and dill
  • Iced vodka, neat
  • Sauvignon blanc, Stonleigh Marlborough, 1994
second course
  • Mushrooms stuffed with bleu cheese, sausage, and walnuts
  • Korbell brut champagne
third course
  • Crab cakes with aioli wasabi and parsley garnish
  • Pinot chardonnay, BV Beautour 1992
  • Pork loin à la duc Wellington, with morel Marchand de Madeira sauce and lime habanero marmalade
  • Asparagus Hollandaise
  • Garlic mashed potatoes and celeriac
  • Rolls, butter
  • Beaujolais Gamay, Georges De Boeff 1994
  • Cherries jubilee
  • Coffee, tea, port, sherry

dinner, October 19, 1997 ‡

This is yet another recipe that does not record the occasion, the guests, nor the number of them, only the date. It was on a Sunday, almost two weeks before Halloween. It was not a particularly elaborate affair, judging by the fare. Since a Wellington and Seven Layer Salad were presented, I judge there must have been about four couples. Having four vegetable dishes does seem a little odd, but apparently, I enjoyed the combination well enough to keep a record of the event. Too bad that I did not expound a bit more on why.

  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Chicken liver pâté canapes
  • Cocktails
  • Wine
  • pork Loin à la duc Wellington, Apple-Perigeaux sauce
  • buttered asparagus
  • Italian squash Parmesan
  • carrots julienne marsala
  • broccoli with garlic and cashews
  • seven layer salad
  • puff pastry cherry turnovers and vanilla ice cream
  • coffee, tea, port, sherry