Andouille Hushpuppy Omelet ♯

Hushpuppies are little breading-based fried or baked savories whose name dates back to at least 1899; the term is attributed to cooks preparing fried food over a campfire, who would fry up any leftover batter and feed it to their dogs with the admonishment “Hush, puppy!”

Being of Scotch-Irish descent, I hate to waste anything, but not having a dog, I have little use for hushpuppies, per se. Besides, I rarely make a batter for my fish or fowl. Instead, I put the dry ingredients into a plastic bag for shaking to make a light coating on the meat. Invariably, what I have left is a flavorful breading mixture that I don’t want to store away for later use (as it may have absorbed some of the meat juices and would not keep), but neither do I want to throw it away. So, in usual fashion, I put it into the next morning’s breakfast.

The particular ingredients in the breading mixture below were the remains of a fish dinner the night before; they are only representative of ones you may choose. That is, you should use whatever is in the bag left from last night’s shake-and-cook meal.

  • 1 tbsp corn flake meal
  • 1 tbsp lower G. I. flour
  • 1 tsp Rib Rub Roberto
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 4 oz andouille sausage, cut in ¼” cubes
  • ½ cup X (egg substitute)
  • 1 jumbo egg
  • ¼ nonfat cottage cheese
  • 1 tbsp white wine
  • 1 tbsp liquid <butter>
  • 1 tsp capers (optional)

Assemble the dry ingredients above in a mixing bowl. Add the remaining ingredients and stir until the dry ingredients are incorporated.

Transfer the bowl contents into a small non-stick baking pan. Bake in a 350° F oven for 30 minutes. When done, remove, cut in two pieces, and transfer to plates. Garnish with a little cilantro sauce. Serve immediately.

Makes 2 servings.