christmas dinner, 2000

The meal in this menu was served at our first Christmas in Taus Mahal, with all the Tausworthe offspring in attendance.

The landscaping had not yet been completed, so the back yard still had a deep ditch for a gas line to be laid to the barbecue. The goose had to be cooked in the kitchen. The landscaping, in fact, would not be completed until May, as it later turned out.* we spent the day pretty much indoors.

hors d’oeurves
  • Crudités: carrots, broccoli, black olives, and cauliflower with cheese dip
  • Camilla’s special green salad with Belgian endive and red peppers
  • Roast goose
  • Wild rice and sausage dressing
  • Red potatoes with parsley butter
  • Asparagus Hollandaise
  • Mom’s rolls
  • Figgy pudding
  • Beverages appropriate to individuals in attendance

The affair occurred just a month before my yearly physical exam, at which time it was discovered that I was mildly diabetic, and should curb carbs.