The On-Line Source for Lower Carbohydrate, Lower Fat, and Reduced Salt Recipes. Adaptations of Classic, Southwestern, and New Orleans Cuisines as a full-flavored, health-conscious, "Mid-Pyramid" Diet.

Not Rocket Science, but a transcription of kitchen recipes, anecdotes, and méthods de cuisson that were developed and collected over a 35-year span by a prominent, now-retired Rocket Scientist. An electronic book displaying the author’s dedication to his unusual, but purposeful and amusing, scientific approach to food preparation, necessitated by dietetic concerns. During this time, he perfected a number of unique dishes that are found nowhere else in culinary literature.

Many time-honored classic and ethnic dishes, deemed by many to be passé and unwholesome, are now made fun and wholesome again, being converted into healthier and simpler forms suitable especially for those with Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or weight concerns. Nonetheless, these preparations retain the signature qualities of their classic and ethnic antecedents. The presentation of information is punctuated with history, humor, wit, and wisdom, and is written in an enthusiastic and energetic literary style.

The entries here are not quick-and-easy fast-food preparations, but more properly lie in the category of recreational cooking, in which the cooking process itself is an innovative and pleasurable act whose products are creative, artful, tasty, satisfying, and praise-worthy, not one to be lightly dismissed or grudgingly performed in haste.

This web version is a work still in progress. New recipes are added if worthy. Corrigenda are made as faults are discovered.

Although guided by dietetic principles, the recipes contained herein produce rich and full flavored dishes that will excite the palate of almost everyone adventurous enough to prepare them, whether they have the same dietary restrictions as the author, or not.

So, please browse the Table of Contents for recipes of interest, keeping in mind that many of the titles are stalwart members of the classic cuisine, playfully renamed to indicate their adaptation to a healthier life style. Please enjoy what you find.

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